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2018 ReferNet România - Punctul național de contact în România

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Centrul Național de Dezvoltare a Învățământului Profesional și Tehnic (CNDIPT)

Centrul Naţional de Dezvoltare a Învăţământului Profesional și Tehnic a fost desemnat punct naţional de contact ReferNet, pentru perioada 1 ianuarie - 31 decembrie 2018.

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Spotlight on VET 2018 Compilation

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Compilație Spotlight on VET 2018.
ReferNet România a elaborat secțiunea privind sistemul național de educație și formare profesională.
Această compilație conține reprezentarea grafică și caracteristicile principale ale tuturor sistemelor de educație și formare profesională din Statele Membre ale UE, Islanda și Norvegia.
Documentul este disponibil în limba engleză, online, pe site-ul Cedefop și pe site-ul www.refernet.ro




ReferNet is a main communication network to provide information on national vocational education and training (VET), established and coordinated by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The aim of the network is to provide information on various aspects of vocational education and training: on national VET systems, their structure, governance, main and secondary stakeholders and beneficiaries, insights into developments and trends in VET policies at European and national levels in the EU Member States as well as in Iceland and Norway.

In order to provide a more comprehensive picture of the complexity and diversity of VET in Europe, Cedefop organizes regularly a call for proposal and, based on the evaluation of proposals received from potential partners, awards the selected applicant coming from one of the EU Member States, Iceland or Norway as national contact point.

The objectives of the Romanian ReferNet team are to contribute to:

  • enhance cooperation between actors involved in vocational education and training,
  • increase visibility of VET system at national and European level by elaborating a documents, report with VET-related relevancy (on thematic topics suggested by Cedefop),
  • increase visibility of ReferNet activities in Europe.

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Vocational education and training system in Romania in a snapshot!

Vocational education and training system in Romania in a snapshot!

Vocational education and training system in Romania in a snapshot

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